Encumbrance Certificate

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Encumbrance Certificate

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Standardised processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.

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1How can I avail the Encumbrance certificate?
The entire process of availing the Encumbrance certificate is getting in touch with AssetAssist. After placing the order, you will be able to attach the required documents like previous sale/release/gift/partition deed etc on your order page. The document should be registered and should have the schedule of the property clearly written. Once the lawyer receives the soft copy of this document he will examine the documents verify the related documents in the appropriate sub-registrar's office and Tehsil. Once the records and documents have been perused he shall provide the EC, by of soft copy through email. The hard copy of the EC, will be shipped to your door-step.
2What are the documents that are needed to apply for Encumbrance certificate in Dehradun?
You will need to provide one softcopy of any previous executed deed of the said property on which the EC needs to be extracted. This can be previous sale deeds, partition deeds, gift deeds, release deeds, etc. The schedule of the property should be clearly visible in these attached documents. The Registered deed number should also be visible on these documents.
3How long does it take to get the encumbrance certificate in Dehradun?
Obtaining of NEC depends of the nature of property for which the NEC has been sought. Documents and trail of title stand on a different footing for: A. Agriculture land B. Commercial property C. Residential property. The second issue for determining the time to obtain NEC depend whether the title of owner has been derived from self acquired title deed or by way of succession. Further the periphery of Dehradun Includes Rishikesh, Vikasnagar and Mussoorie. Hence without giving precise information about the property for which NEC is being sought, it is difficult to intimate the exact time duration for providing the NEC.
4How can I share the documents with the lawyer and get the hard copy of the EC delivered to me?
The soft copies needed for the EC retrieval can be shared on order page which gets generated for you after placing the order. AssetAssist has integrated door step document pickup and delivery. Our logistics team will deliver the hard copy of the encumbrance certificate to your door step within the city limits if beyond the city limits the same shall be shipped to your doorstep.
5How do I choose the right lawyer?
All lawyers listed are verified and vetted by AssetAssist. They specialize in property matters and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in this domain. They are well versed with Uttarakhand laws and Dehradun real estate issues. The prices vary depending on their years of experience, whether they are individual lawyers or law firm. Location of the lawyer is not such a big factor as AssetAssist logistics will pick up property documents for verification from your door step and deliver to the lawyer. Moreover, you can communicate with the lawyer over phone (the contact details of the lawyer are shared as soon as you book the service) and also through an offline chat.
6Do I need to book a service by paying upfront? Are these fixed prices?
Yes. However, when you pay, the money will be held in an escrow account and will be released to the lawyers only after the work is complete to your satisfaction. The prices you see are pre-negotiated and all-inclusive.