Land Survey

Save Lakhs by spending a few thousands

Only pay on the actuals

Standardised processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.

Consistent prices and processes

Standardised processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.

Professional Surveyors

Handpicked, verified surveyors with 10+ years of specialisation will physically survey the site and identify deviations if any.

Timelines taken seriously

Highly efficient personalized service within the agreed timelines.

Obtain the land survey of your property flawlessly with Asset Assist! By professional Surveyors.

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1What type of survey will be done by the surveyor?
The surveyor will undertake topological survey which will cover all natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. The aim here is to accurately capture whatever seen physically at the site and reproduce the same on paper, thereby giving you an understanding of the site. We will mark the actual boundaries to know the actual extent and area of the land.
2What are the different types of properties which can be surveyed by the surveyor?
The surveyors can survey residential, commercial and agricultural land parcels in and around Dehradun.
3Should I be present at the site during the survey?
Yes, personally or a representative should be present at the site during the survey to explain the boundaries. The surveyor will also answer all your questions during his visit to the site.
4How will I get the report from the surveyor?
The surveyor will prepare a detailed report after the actual survey hard copy which will be delivered to your address also provide a soft copy (PDF file) for your records.
5Do I need to book a service by paying upfront?
Yes. However, when you pay, the money will be held in an escrow account and will be released to the surveyor only after the work is complete to your satisfaction.
6Are these fixed prices?
Yes, the prices you see are pre-negotiated and all inclusive.
7How long does it take?
It should take 4 working days for you to get a survey report.
8How can I share the documents with the surveyor?
If you are sharing soft copies, you can share the same on order page which gets generated for you after placing the order. For any hard copy shipments, Asset Assist has integrated door step document pickup and delivery. Our logistics team will coordinate with you once you place the order.