Praveen Chandhok



Right from 1989 he has been actively handling various aspect of the Business worked as Director Marketing with Finance company learning little nuances of business. An entrepreneur- predated crowdfunding and the internet, who raised money by utilizing resources he already had, instead of relying on a wealth of experience to influence his choices learned on the fly through trial and error.

Successfully launched Yellow pages in Agra. Since 1992 have sold various project of Real Estate by creating a base in New Delhi handling all the project right from Planning, putting on the paper and implementation. Successful endeavour not only helped in creating a fortune for his associates but also made a good fortune for himself. Extremely socially active has served the illustrious Alumni Association of St. Joseph's Academy both as President and Secretary.

As he always say’s, that the world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities, but your life and career are finite, meaning you have limited time to find what you’re searching for and make your mark on the world. This is your time. It’s limited so don’t waste it. Go ahead Explore different avenues choose what you like and just do it. That’s how real entrepreneurs always start. His 30 years of experience in the field of Real Estate has helped to understand all the nuances and nitty-gritties of the business which will immensely help him to gain the insights of any project thereby providing clients the best possible assistance.