Sale Document Review

Do Not miss the detail in the fine print of a sale document!

Protect YOUR Interests

Ensure that you Do Not sign one-sided sale agreements or deeds. The lawyers will review and modify the clauses to safeguard your interests.

Consistent Prices and Processes

Standardised processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.

Professional Review

Top most qualified, experienced Property Lawyers will suggest changes in these agreements or deeds.

Timelines taken seriously

Highly efficient personalised service without any hassles within the set timelines.

Get your property verified today to avoid legal hassles in future! By special designated Property Lawyers.

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1What are the various sale documents which can be reviewed by the lawyers?
Any document related to the sale of the property like sale agreement, construction agreement, assignment agreement, sale deed, release deed, gift deed, rectification deed, POA etc can be reviewed by the lawyer to ensure these legal documents are drafted correctly. In addition they will make sure your interests are protected.
2What is sale agreement and why it is very important?
Property Sale Agreement is most important document. Sale agreement contain mutually agreed upon Terms & Conditions between Seller & Buyer for the sale of property. This agreement governs the whole property transaction and is valid even after the sale. It is legally binding on both the parties. There are two ways to execute the sale agreement a) franking and notarization b) registration. Registration is highly recommended as it carries more value in the court of law and makes the agreement water tight. Please note either case you will have to bear the relevant stamp duty of the consideration amount.
3What is sale deed?
Sale deed is a legal document that contains details of transfer of property ownership from a seller to a buyer. This is one of the most valuable legal documents while purchasing or selling a property. It is executed at the time of actual transfer of property ownership at a sub-registrars’ office. This document needs to be registered mandatorily and is governed by the Registration Act.
4How do I share the sale documents for review with the lawyer?
The soft copy of the sale documents can be securely uploaded on the order page. These have to be in word document format to ensure the lawyer can edit the document. It will be difficult for the lawyers to review documents which are in PDF or JPEG formats.
5How will I get the reviews and comments of the sale document?
The lawyers will make changes in the sale documents through “Track Changes/Remarks” and attach it in the order page, which can be securely downloaded by you.
6How do I choose the right lawyer?
Highly Qualified Top Legal Advisors are on the panel of AssetsAssist. They specialize in property matters and long years of experience in this domain. They are well versed with all relevant Civil Laws pertaining to property, Rules and Regulations stipulated by Uttarakahnd Government and real estate issues in Dehradun and surroundings. The prices vary depending on the case and the time consumed to verify the documents. To do the needful AssetAssist logistics will pick up property documents for verification from your door step (within the city limits). Moreover, the person handling your case will be in constant touch with you updating you on the status of your case. If necessary the contact details of the Lawyer shall be provided to interact to provide the necessary information. You can also communicate with our officials handling your case through an offline chat.
7Do I need to book a service by paying upfront?
Yes. However, when you pay, the money will be held in an escrow account till such time the work is complete to your satisfaction.
8Are these fixed prices?
The prices vary depending on the case and the time consumed to verify the documents.
9How much time will it take?
The whole process will be completed within the agreed timeline.