AssetAssist is a unique platform to assist you to evaluate the inherent risks involved in purchasing Real Estate.

We understand better the inherent risk of buying property therefore we perform thorough due diligence to verify any fraud, appoint qualified civil engineers for inspection and most importantly verify the price taking care of all the critical aspects pertaining to the purchase of property in District Dehradun which includes Rishikesh, Vikasnagar and Mussoorie.

Ever since people started owning the immovable property the two rudimentary questions have always persisted

a) Is the title of the property I’m buying legally clear?

b) Is it rightly priced?

AssetAssist precisely tackles the two most important worries.

In short,

Our business is to Assist you to make you own your Asset stress free!

All our efforts are to safeguard the interest of perspective purchaser planning to own an Asset, keeping at bay the interest of Developers and Real Estate Agents.

We Assist you in purchasing rightful properties
in a rightful manner at the right price in Dehradun!

Buying A New Apartment

Verify Encroachment
Verification of Documents
Check Completion Certificate
Check Quality of Construction

Buying Residential Land

Check Encroachment
Verification of Documents
Check Possession and Forgery
Check Land Revenue Records

Buying Previously Owned Property

Verify Encroachment
Verification of Documents
Check Land Revenue Records
Registration of Property

Buying Commercial Properties

Verification of Documents
Check Fraud and Forgery
Valuation of Property
Sale Deed/Lease Agreement

Thorough Verification Documents

Covers all aspects of verification of property documents, inspection of Land Revenue Records and review the Sale Agreement

Consistent prices and processes

Standardised processes, packages and deliverable to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.

Unbiased, quality legal opinion

Highly Qualified top Legal Advisors specializing in property laws to provide an objective legal opinion.

Meeting the Deadlines

Highly efficient personalised service within the agreed timelines.

Get your property assessed & verified today to avoid any legal hassles in future! By special designated Property Lawyers.
Ensure property has clear marketable title, all the necessary approvals/NOCs and is free from liens & litigations.

Get your property verified today to avoid legal hassles in future!
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